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The owner of this website can be known and contacted via the contact page.  The owner hopes to improve the public’s access to his initiatives and activities through this website.  This information is supposed to be up to date and correct.  If any inaccuracies are brought to our attention, we shall try to make the necessary corrections.  The owner or provider may nonetheless at no time be held liable for the information provided on this site. 


This information is exclusively of general nature and does not pertain to the particular situation of a natural or legal person.  It is not necessarily exhaustive, complete, precise or up to date; it at times refers to other websites over which the owner’s services have no control and for which the owner may in no way be held liable; it does not constitute professional advice (for professional advice, you must always consult a duly qualified expert). 

The owner shall take care to prevent as much as possible interruptions due to technical problems.  Certain data or information on the site may not have been created or structured in error-free files or formats, however, so that the owner cannot guarantee that the service will not be interrupted or otherwise affected by such problems.  The owner declines any responsibility about problems of this type that could result from the use of this site or any other site to which it refers.

This disclaimer clause is not intended to limit the owner’s liability in a way contrary to the requirements of the applicable national legislation or to exclude his liability in the event that it cannot do so by virtue of said legislation.

Copyright statement

Reproduction shall not be authorised, even when mentioning the source, unless indicated otherwise by the owner.  The reproduction or use of fragments of text or multimedia information (sound, images, software, etc.) is not authorised.  Applications or CMSs created by the provider are not sold to the Customer.  Only a licence for use is granted to him.

Provider and his activity

E-net Business specialises in the creation of websites, Google referencing , referencing audit, Internet advertising campaigns, training in e-marketing.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file saved by the server of a website in your computer’s browser or your mobile device when you visit this website.  The cookie contains a unique code used to recognise your browser during your visit to the website (“session cookie”) or during repeated future visits (“persistent cookie”).  Cookies can be placed by the server of the website that you visit and by partners with which this website cooperates.  The server of a website can read only the cookies it has placed itself; it has access to no other information on your computer or your mobile device.  Cookies are stored on your computer or mobile device in your browser’s directory.  The content of a cookie usually consists of the name of the server that has placed the cookie, an expiry date, and a unique numerical code.  Cookies usually ensure an easier and faster interaction between the visitor and the website.  Cookies can also be used to make the website or advertising thereon more relevant for the visitor and to adapt the website to the visitor’s personal tastes and needs. 

Use of cookies on the E-net Business websites

Indispensable / functional cookies – These cookies are required in order to visit our websites and to use certain parts of them.  These cookies enable you for instance to browse between the different headings of the website, to complete forms, place orders, consult a multilingual website and update the contents of your basket. Similarly, when you wish to access your personal account, for instance, in your E-net Business administration area or another application placed at your disposal (e.g. Extranet, E-net Business web mail, etc.), cookies are indispensable to verify your identity in a safe manner before granting access to your personal information.  If you refuse these cookies, certain headings of the website will not function as they are supposed to or at all.

Performance cookies / sales – This website contains Google Analytics used to collect information on how visitors use the website so as to improve the content and adapt it better to the wishes of visitors, as well as make it more user-friendly.  This site uses cookies provided by Google Analytics, for example.  If such cookies are used, the data gathering procedure depends on how the advertising sales management functions.