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John-John Dohmen is an international hockey player. He played 463 games for his country and was the captain of the Belgian Red Lions in RIO Olympics 2016. John-John is 4 times olympian (2008-2012-2016-2021) and Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist. He is currently playing his 20th season with the Red Lions.

He started playing at 5 years old in Royal Leopold Club and was Belgian Champion for the first time in 2005. John-John played 13th season for Waterloo Ducks HC with which he was 4 times Belgian champion. He is now playing for Royal Orée since 2019.

John-John is passionate about sports and believes that sport, especially team sports, can help in life and in companies. He gives conferences about team sport and winning mentality in the business world. He studied Osteopathy at University of Brussels.

The aim of this official website is to share his dreams and experience with you.